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The Interloper’s Guide To Unity Physics a.k.a. Unity Physics for the Expeditious a.k.a Unity Quick Reference Tables: Physics Edition

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Unity3D lately, especially the physics engine.

I’ve found that quick reference tables make me far more efficient, especially when learning a system for the first time or glancing back at commonly used but slightly-more-complex sets of related system features. I tend to organize concepts in relation to each other and occasionally will print them out and put them on my wall like art — very functional art, but art nonetheless.

I’d like to share a few of the quick reference tables I’ve put together in PDF form, this edition being presented applies to the physics engine. Each table also comes with a brief prologue setting up the purpose and context of the table.

If you have any comments or find any errors let me know, consider this a draft with feedback welcome. I’ve put this together in a visually colorful format and its a bit less dry than typical docs, so consider yourself warned if you’re looking for something completely traditional.

The Quick Reference Tables in PDF:

Unity3D Physics Quick Reference Tables